PeerIndex product launch

In August 2012 I joined PeerIndex as growth hacker. I put a measurement framework in place (based on Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics), recorded and analysed the conversion funnels across the site, asked users about their understanding of PeerIndex and what they wanted from us, and ran tests to discover how our audience would respond to different messages.

If you ever met Dee on the homepage, you saw one of those tests!

Original homepage

Original homepage

Dee, my homepage ab test

Dee, star of my last homepage ab test

It became clear pretty quickly that social media analytics were highly valuable, but for a limited audience. I started experimenting with some bold new features, and in December 2012 was asked to lead a team of six to ideate, re-design and build the consumer product. Fast forward to February 26th 2013, now working as PeerIndex’s product manager I’m proud to release the new




The consumer proposition is simple and has broad appeal. Your retweets and likes earn you influence, which gives you discounts on products. It’s had good responses in tests, and over the next few iterations I hope to tighten the messaging, functions and whole product vision even further. I hope you enjoy it!

A few people noticed and wrote some lovely things about us.

econsultancy“Clearly social influence plays a key role in purchases but social influence has yet to have an effect on product discounts… until now. Now with launch of PeerIndex’s new site, this promises product discounted based on your social influence” eConsultancy

the_telegraph“From today, people whose views are respected by their online friends will be offered discounts of up to 50 per cent on hundreds of products in the hope that they might mention them when they next log in.” The Telegraph

the_drum“PeerIndex, the company that measures brand influence on social media, has launched a new service that allows brands to reward consumers with free products and exclusive discounts for their social media contributions, with the aim of generating word-of-mouth on a large scale” The Drum

marketing“Social influence company PeerIndex is launching a new service designed to drive word of mouth marketing on social networks in exchange for perks and discounts” Marketing magazine

love_money“… a new service from PeerIndex means Twitter users can bag a range of freebies and discounts.” Love Money

There’s also been some great buzz on Twitter…





It’s great to see the new product being so warmly received. In a startup there’s always a thousand and one things you could do – I think we did the right one, and I’m looking forward to pressing on with designing, building and iterating through the rest of our ideas!

It’s also been a pleasure and privilege to work with such smart and varied people. Thanks so much to the whole product team:

  • Hugh Hopkins (commercial) sourced over 350 items in two months, stellar work!
  • Natalie Rooke (UI/UX design) made it look so marvellous at so many screen sizes.
  • Mike Fox (lead dev) made it work, made a million and one tweaks to make it fast, responsive and quick for us all to develop.
  • Sid Karunaratne (back-end dev) also made it work, did some very smart stuff with Hugh to parse and import the product data (we’ll tell you war stories over a pint).

p.s. my personal favourite tweet – Linda Sandvik totally gets it 🙂