Ollie Glass

Data product development

Contract data-scientist / developer working end to end from idea to implementation, building data products for sales, marketing, decision support and operations. Recent projects include data-driven growth marketing engines, decision support tools, and workflow automation.

Feel free to connect or email me, ollie@ollieglass.com

Areas I work in:

Data science - using statistics and machine learning to interpret data, extract insights and build predictive models.

Product build - full stack product development with Rails, JavaScript and Python.

Data strategy - discovering ways for data to generate new value in sales, marketing, decision making and ops.

Communication - showing the value of your data and insights to your investors, board, team and customers through slides, visualisations and interactives.

Architecture - data science research and data engineering planning, delivering you a roadmap and technical spec.

Hackdays and workshops - short, fast turnaround sessions to explore and evaluate ideas.

Recent clients

There's more details about my clients and projects on my LinkedIn profile.

Earlier work


Side projects

When I'm not working I like to make things on the internet.

More about me

I discuss my approach to data science and product development in the Balderton podcast with George Spencer (Rentify) and Ben Goldsmith (Balderton).