• Building Analytik, a health analytics product that provides visualisations to users and medical datasets to researchers
  • Running London Full Stack Marketers, founded London Growth Hackers and Big Data Brighton
  • Won the MySociety prize at Rewired State's National Hack The Government day 2013, with a responsive front end and API for They Work For You about
  • Designed and built Akin To, a music discovery app finding similarities between albums through natural language (about)
  • Bieber Fever Meter, a d3.js and Pusher demo
  • Organised an arts and music program for Aral Balkan's Update conference
  • Made a mobile Arts & Letters Daily site with jQuery mobile, but A&L asked me to take it offline
  • Showshares was a Summify-like web app to find people who'd shared content around a topic. Broken by the Twitter 1.1 API update
  • Philosophy Explorer uses DBPedia's RDF data to visualise relationships between philosophers and schools of thought
  • Evo-bar, an evolutionary cocktail bar event, applying genetic algorithms to pleasure
  • Pendulodic, an interactive sonic sculpture
  • Breakage, a machine learning drum machine that generates new rhythms by learning from your compositions. Broken by various OS X and Java updates since 2006



  • Processing workshops for artists on Brighton University's Digital Media Arts MA and at Lighthouse Arts, Brighton
  • Terrapin, a LOGO library for Processing
  • Redesigned and managed the Peer Assisted Learning program at University of Sussex, Informatics department. I'm now a management coach and advisor to the program.
  • Individual and small group programming tuition