Ollie Glass

Data science, machine learning & data strategy

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Ollie Glass

I help companies understand and use machine learning.

From discovering what's possible, evaluating ideas, designing and building data products and features, and helping teams transition to new ways of working with data - my work covers all aspects of data science strategy, management and delivery.

Clients include venture-backed companies funded by Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, BGF and other top investors.

If you're looking for a data scientist, if you have a project in mind or want to explore ideas, feel free to get in touch ollie@ollieglass.com

Not sure where to start or how data science projects are run? Read my article on managing data science projects.

About me

I discuss product development and data science with George Spencer (Rentify) and Ben Goldsmith in the Balderton Capital podcast.

"You don't need to come to a product oriented data scientist with a solution. You can come to them with an opportunity, or a problem, or a challenge in the business."

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