Ollie Glass


Data science and machine learning contracting

Hands on data science and machine learning work, finding insights and making predictions from data, designing, researching and building data products and features for your business.

Data strategy consultancy

Discover, understand and prioritise emerging opportunities, find new sources of value and defensible, strategic advantages.

Deliverables include a presentation tailored to your organisation and sector, advisory sessions with your executive team, and a prioritised list of high impact data science projects.

Data science consultancy

Plan the technical execution of a project, understand data, technical, team and wider product requirements for success.

Deliverables include architecture plans for a complete data product and pipeline with a flexible roadmap showing times and costs of various feature combinations and team recommendations, plus advisory sessions with your executive and technical team.

Data communication

Presentations, visualisations and interactive data exploration tools to communicate the value, insight and opportunity in your data and strategy to your investors, board, team and customers.